Blockchain for the Global Goals: UN Week Special Edition on September 26th at Galvanize in West SoHo, New York.

Blockchain for the Sustainable Development Goals

The SDG Blockchain Forum is the initiative to use blockchain technology to achieve the UN Sustainable Development Goals. Bringing together innovators in entrepreneurship, technology, and public policy to examine use cases, share expertise, and leverage blockchain to solve challenges of transparency, accountability, and efficiency to transform the planet by 2030.

Originally designed for applications in digital currency, blockchain’s distributed ledger technology fosters transparency and accountability in the data that global businesses, governments, and humanitarian efforts rely on.

Furthermore, the technology also reduces the cost and wait time for transactions, which enables every investment in people and our planet to save lives, create economic opportunities, and preserve our environment.

Our need to track progress, improve transparency, and innovate solutions to achieve humanity’s greatest Goals requires us to reliably collect, store, and transmit the data which tell our story. The SDG Blockchain Forum provides direction at the intersection of social enterprise and technology in order to catalyze solutions for the planet’s shared challenges.

17 Global Goals

The Sustainable Development Goals and Business

The SDGs present significant opportunities for the private sector to open up new market opportunities and attract new private investments in sustainable development by leveraging companies’ core competencies, expertise and resources.

While the private sector offers innovative approaches to financing and achieving the SDGs, world governments including the UN itself, play a crucial role in creating the enabling environment for businesses to prosper from their contributions.